About Renate Novak

Renate has a background in Holistic Health that reaches back to her late teens. She studied at a full-time Holistic School in Germany right out of high school and graduated in 1969. She then immigrated to the USA and used the Massage Therapy portion of her training as her vocation here in the USA. Over a twenty year time period, she conservatively estimates to have given 10.000. massage sessions.

This work provided her with deep, personal insight into the human dilemma, and she realized that there were underlying emotional issues causing the tensions and pains that her clients came to see her for.

1992 Renate purchased Health Choices, a holistic Massage School that she and her colleges developed into one of the finest Holistic Massage Schools on the east coast. Health Choices Institute and Holistic Massage School graduates are known for their excellent, comprehensive work that includes a Body-Mind-Spirit approach. Renate was the owner and director of this Department of Education approved vocational school for 18 years. The school closed its doors in 2009 with the economic downturn.

While running her Holistic Massage school that also housed other professional programs like 'Hakomi', 'Unergi' and Somatic Processing work, she studied 'Hakomi' and got certified as a Hakomi Practitioner in 2009. Renate has her private practice in Princeton, NJ. Her assistant role in the two year Hakomi trainings serves her to continuously refine her work. She focuses on helping her clients reach expanded Self-Awareness through Self-Study. She assists her clients in processing energy blocks through body awareness, allowing the Essential Self to emerge and become the seat of life experience.

Renate is currently a student of SE, (Somatic Experiencing). www.traumahealing.com This 3 year training is based on the work of Peter Levine. Books by him, "Waking the Tiger" $ "Trauma Proofing Your Kids".


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